Nature Based Solutions

8th November

How Nature Based Solutions can help bring us back from the brink of climate catastrophe 

Beautiful view of icebergs in glacier lagoon, Iceland, global warming and climate change concept

We are in the middle of a climate and nature emergency, and the two are inextricably linked. Climate change is driving nature’s decline, and the loss of wildlife and wild places leaves us ill-equipped to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to change. Join a panel from Ulster Wildlife to find out more about how we are applying Nature Based Solutions here in Northern Ireland and what local businesses can do to support us. By restoring and helping nature recover we can help turn the tide of the climate crisis.

Our panel speakers include:

Dr Annika Clements, Director of Nature, Climate & Environment at Ulster Wildlife
Heidi McIlvenny, Living Seas Manager at Ulster Wildlife
Erin McKeown, Sea Deep Project Coordinator at Ulster Wildlife
Gala Podgornik, Living Seas Officer at Ulster Wildlife

This event is supported by Power NI, corporate partner of Ulster Wildlife.

Nature Based Solutions

8th November

1pm - 2pm | Online

Carol Lemmens - Arup

Carol is Arup’s Global Advisory Services Portfolio leader and interim Europe Property Business leader.

He was instrumental in developing Arup’s position paper to define the circular economy in the context of the built environment and developing Arup’s work as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s (EMF) knowledge partner for the built environment. He continues to work to raise the awareness of the circular economy approach from general first principles to practice by identifying the many challenges, enablers and opportunities available to Arup and others in making the circular economy a reality. Carol regularly contributes to Circular Economy and thought pieces, presentations and interviews globally. Most notably, Carol was invited to give a key note address to the United Nations General Assembly at their Circular Economy event, in October 2018.