Growing a Green City

10th November

Oslo, Norway. Night View Embankment And Residential Multi-storey House In Gamle Oslo District

Oslo has earned a global reputation as a ‘green city’. Europe’s Green Capital in 2019, Oslo has been on a regeneration journey that has seen in reconnect with its waterfront, invest heavily in public transport and active travel and encourage green entrepreneurship. This event will explore Oslo’s transformation with the help of Victoria Marie Evensen, the city’s Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership, and seek to learn lessons about Belfast can also ‘grow a green city’.

This event will explore a number of themes linked to Oslo’s recent regeneration and how it has obtained the status of being a green capital. Topics covered will include:

  • Reconnecting with the city’s waterfront
  • Investing in public transportation and active travel
  • Developing iconic cultural landmarks
  • Encouraging green entrepreneurship
  • Reimagining the city’s streets
  • Sustainable city planning and climate budgeting

Simon Hamilton, Chief Executive, Belfast Chamber.

Victoria Marie Evensen, Oslo’s Vice Mayor for Business Development and Public Ownership

Growing a Green City

10th November

10am - 11am | Online

Carol Lemmens - Arup

Carol is Arup’s Global Advisory Services Portfolio leader and interim Europe Property Business leader.

He was instrumental in developing Arup’s position paper to define the circular economy in the context of the built environment and developing Arup’s work as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s (EMF) knowledge partner for the built environment. He continues to work to raise the awareness of the circular economy approach from general first principles to practice by identifying the many challenges, enablers and opportunities available to Arup and others in making the circular economy a reality. Carol regularly contributes to Circular Economy and thought pieces, presentations and interviews globally. Most notably, Carol was invited to give a key note address to the United Nations General Assembly at their Circular Economy event, in October 2018.